Personnel Changes

posted Jan 24, 2012, 5:08 AM by Unknown user
    The transition from Mrs. Hyatt to Mrs. Stark as the first grade teacher begins this week. The two teachers are spending Mrs. Hyatt's last week together to make the change as seamless as possible. Mrs. Start will officially begin her duties as our first grade teacher on Monday, January 30. 
    Mrs. Hyatt's new role will be that of full-time Assistant Librarian. Head Librarian, Judy Van Alstyne, is excited about the opportunities that will be made possible with a second adult in the library. In addition to library duties, Mrs. Hyatt will be initially responsible for working with our preprimary students; she will read to them, help them pick out books, and design extension projects for them, such as looking at ways that books get damaged. She will also be available to all Lower School teachers by pulling resources that support classroom programs. As teachers develop TOEs, Mrs. Hyatt's curricular expertise and creative bent will be extremely beneficial. 
    Because Mrs. Stark is moving to first grade, her responsibilities in kindergarten and third grade need to be covered. Three members of the Student Support Team will be working with Mrs. Hellebush in various ways. Mrs. Bjorklund will be working with the Reading Workshop program from 9:15-9:35, Mrs. Gebel will continue working with this program from 9:45-10:30, and Mrs. Brockler will assist students in social studies from 12:11-12:54. A group of Student Support Team members and specialists have been scheduled to assume special duties to support Mrs. Mealey in kindergarten. 
    Please remember that there is no school this coming Friday. Lower School teachers have a student-free day to work on their comprehensive January report cards which will be mailed home by the end of next week. Third through fifth grade parents can also expect to receive the results from the CTP4 testing that took place in early December. You are encouraged to schedule an appointment with any of your child's teachers or with me to discuss the report card or the test results.
    Finally, a letter was sent home about a vision screening day here at school. Although Nurse Shea does screen all of our students for visual acuity, the screening by Dr. Kaplow on February 2 will test for other visual skills, as well. These kinds of screenings  reveal issues that can be corrected with early intervention, so I encourage you to consider having your child tested.