Schedule Change for Standardized Testing

posted Nov 4, 2011, 5:06 AM by Unknown user

We currently administer the CTP4, a norm-based, standardized test, to students in grades 1-5.  This battery of tests has traditionally been completed by students in May.  Test results are sent to the School at the beginning of the summer and those results have been mailed to you. 

In the past, the School has used CTP4 results to compare our students’ scores to scores of other independent school students, to suburban public school students, and to public and independent school students nationally.

On a recommendation from members of the Student Support Team, the Lower School faculty decided that we could make better use of the CTP4 results by administering the test in the fall to students in grades 3, 4, and 5. By doing this, we will have the results back at a time in the school year when your child’s current teacher can use this information to enrich or support the school experience for each student.  For example, if we discover that a student scored exceptionally high on the math section of the CTP4, we will discuss that child’s math performance in the classroom to see if he is working up to his ability and to make sure that we are appropriately challenging that child.

On the other side of the coin, if a test score indicates low performance in an area, we want to be able to work with the teacher to see if the classroom performance matches the test score and, if so, support the child in every way we can.

With this said, we will be administering the CTP4 to students in grades 3-5 the week following Thanksgiving break. Various parts of the test will be given on Tuesday through Friday mornings of that week. We have found that children who come to school well-nourished and well-rested are better able to focus on these tests.

I will offer a CTP4 101 class for parents in January to explain how to interpret the scores. Then, your child’s results will be mailed home with the January report card. If you have questions about your child's scores after you receive them, I will be happy to schedule a meeting with you to discuss them.

Students in grades K-2 will continue to have their skills development monitored through a benchmarking program that we administer three times a year.